03 September, 2008

Dear Spotty Chop you are 42 months old today

You have suddenly started hurting me when you are angry or upset. I hope you grow out of the phase quickly because I am starting to get cross. I know this is happening in part because you are trying to claim your independence and while I can appreciate it I don’t like having my hair pulled, or being punched.

What I can appreciate is how much fun you are. You can be excited about new books and want to sit on our lap and read for hours. You constantly want to “fight the bad guys”. You leap, twist and thrust. You daddy can simply say “ whip-cha” and you will come running from wherever you are and whatever you are doing so that you can battle. You love the drive-ins. I can’t wait for next year so we can take you more often. You are becoming more adventuresome. While we were camping over Labor Day you would walk down paths by yourself that you wouldn’t do over the 4th of July. You have no fear of the dark and enjoy wandering around the campground in the pitch black. You have also started to take photos. I love seeing what you find interesting.

You are definitely enjoying your daddy more. You are sad when he is not around and at times don’t want to be with me at all. I love seeing the two of you with your heads put together. You may be playing a game, reading a book or just watching TV. You two also push each others buttons and quite frankly sometimes I would like to kill the both of you. Then again, you both know how to push my buttons, you better not be doing this on purpose.

I wouldn’t give you up for the world. I love you kiddo


Barb said...

Happy 42 months! What a fun age!