31 July, 2008

Hook me up

We have finally joined the digital age. Today we made the switch from cable to....digital cable. You would not believe all the cool stuff digital cable comes with.
There is a guide, this allows you to search for different programs, gives you synopsis of the show in question and then allows you to go to that channel.

  • There are more channels! Good friggen god there are channels in the 100's and the 200's and the 800's.
  • You are able to pause live television
  • You are able to record live television
  • You can find every Star Gate episode showing and record it (or Star Track, or or or)
OK so I am a dork. We were having problems with our internet and I called to have them fix it, once they did they asked if I wanted to hear about their new bundles. I said shure. We have general cable, phone and internet all through Comcast. To upgrade to digital I would save about $30. To get a DVR box I would be paying an extra $6 a month. Have you taken a look at the 2008 fall season? There are about 7 new shows that I am interested in seeing. I figure out of the 7 shows at least 1 of them should last more than a season. What a freaky deaky deal!!!

So far we have watched every Buzz Lightyear on Demand, Tom and Jerry on Demand, Iron Man, Spider Man, started watching Disney's Tarzan, but Spotty got board so I taped that bad boy so I can finish it and now Boy Toy is watching some mixed marshal arts thing ON DEMAND.