02 July, 2008

Book Review: Moon Called

Mercy Thompson Series, Book 1
Mercedes Thompson (Mercy to her friends) is an auto mechanic she refurbishes old VW bugs. Her former boss is a gremlin, one of the lesser fae. The Gray Lords forced the fae out into the open a few years ago because science was on the verge of outing them anyways. It didn’t go as well as planned; most of them now live on reservations. The rest of the supernatural community isn’t thrilled with the response of the “regulars” so are still in hiding. This includes the Alpha Wolf who lives next door to Mercy and the Vampires whose cars she works on because she can not afford the protection money they insist upon. And then there is Mercy. She is a skin walker. Different than a werewolf, she changes shape naturally thanks to her American Indian heritage, but she was brought up by a werewolf pack. “
Things were status quo until a young, untrained werewolf showed up in her shop looking for work. What we get next is battles with werewolves, death, destruction, mayhem and a bit of lust.

Great book, hopefully great new series. Don’t be frightened off by my mentioning of lust. This isn’t one of those supernatural soft porn series, (or at least the first book isn’t). It’s a quick read, but the characters and story will make you wish it were longer.


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