20 July, 2008

Book Review: Magic Study

Study Book 2
Yelena is in Sitia on her way to learn how to better control her magic. On the way she meets the family she doesn’t remember; her mother Perl, who makes perfumes, scents and has never forgotten her baby girl; her father Esau, an inventor who has drawn a picture of his daughter each year on her birthday, and comes very close to the real thing. And finally her brother Leif, who hates her with a burning passion. First Yelena is kidnapped/captured by Cahil the dethroned King of Ixis who brings her to the First Magician to prove she is a spy. The First Magician invades her mind and in desperation Yelena thoughts turn to Valek, she shouts for help and he gathers her into a hug. When she wakes up its to Cahil who sheepishly apologizes for thinking she was a spy.

Not only does Yelena need to learn magic, but horseman ship she once again is fighting with Cahil who disagrees with her choice of steed. She needs to keep out of the way of Goel who wants to hurt her badly, and help find a serial killer that is terrorizing the county. And as if that is not enough, she also has to contend with a people whose public enemy #1 just so happens to be her lover.

I hope the 3rd book is a good as the first two.