22 July, 2008

Groom and Boom

I had a bridal shower to attend on Saturday so I left the boys to their own devices. Boy Toy told me he was going to finish the Sandbox. I said “oh really, with Spotty?” he replied rather smugly that he could accomplish all sorts of things with Spotty. He just told Spotty to do his own thing while he does his. My biggest complaint about having a child is that I can’t seem to get anything around the house done. Cleaning, whatever, I either have Spotty running behind me undoing whatever I had just done, or I feel guilty because I am not with him all week and feel that I should be playing/reading etc. Needless to say I came home, the two of them were napping and….they played video games all day and watched movies. HEH

Sunday I decided to do a wash. YES I am still without a dryer. I decided on whites. I looked outside and saw that it was sunny so it seemed a good idea at the time. We had lunch outside and the clothes were still a bit damp when I asked if Spotty Chop wanted to go swimming. Now the sky looked rather…stormy and I knew that I could grab all the clothes off the line and try and find places inside to hang everything so it could finish drying, but the chances were good that I might not get a chance to swim with my boy. Well, what would you have done?

Our pool was warm; giggling was abundant (possibly due to the two of us trying to ride the giant lobster). When thunder struck we jumped out of the pool and hung out on the porch waiting for the storm to go away. Boy Toy was trying to finish the sandbox (apparently the Black and Decker drill I bought him for father’s day was a piece of crap.) So we all hung out until Boy Toy watched the radar and said the coast was clear. We ended up having to get out of the pool a few more times, but Spotty was happy to keep running back and forth in the rain. I had on my brandy new swim cap. It is gorgeous, lots of flowers and a chin strap. Hey if I’m going to be wearing a swim cap, it aint gonna be no sissy assed cap. Spotty finally had enough of swimming the 3rd or 4th time we had to jump out and he and boy toy decided to go into the house. In a torrential downpour I ran to pick up some of the beautiful whites that were now on the muddy ground. Some I salvaged and hung back up, some were a lost cause and were tossed on the table. I peeked into the house and saw Boy Toy and Spotty snuggling so I did a quick dash to the pool (yes the thunder had stopped…I think, can’t hear well with the bathing cap on). I just hung out in the perfectly temperatured pool with the rain beating down on and around me.

Swimming in the rain is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you have never done so you should try and make it a priority in your life.