17 July, 2008

4th of July at Fransted Campground

We went camping with Spotty Chop over the 4th of July. We went up on Thursday and got to the campground around 5:30pm. We had just started putting up the tent when the heavens opened. Luckily we had the “outer” tent up for the most part. Boy toy dealt with the tent and Spotty and I played in the car. That was the end of our rain drama. The rest of the weekend was beautiful. We tried to go off and do a hike on Fri but Spotty Chop wasn’t buying it. He wanted to play in the river. We did leave the campground long enough to go to Chutters (the world’s longest candy counter) to pick up some “GOLD COINS”. Spotty has been watching a DVD about GeoTrax and one of the episodes talks about chocolate coins covered in gold. This is all he ever talks about. So we were determined to get him some. But then we had to hurry back to the river. Rock throwing and swimming with dada were necessary.

Saturday was a blast with the Franconia Old Home Day parade. We parked by the river in the shade and walked around looking at the book sale and enjoying the fireman’s BBQ. Boy toy decided to sit on the roof to see the parade and we convinced Spotty to get up there too. We scored SO BIG when it came to candy. It seemed like everyone and there brother was either tossing it to us, or getting out of the firetrucks to give him some. Thank God for cute kids. Once the parade was done we went to the Fransted 4th of July fair. Spotty had such a great time. There was a giant moon walk and a water slide, but the biggest hit by far was the dunk tank. We had a minor melt down when we told him he could not be the dunkee. But once Boy toy got him in line to toss the ball (and he got to punch the big red button to drop someone into the water) he was hooked! He had to have done that a dozen times and would have done it all night if we had let him.

It was a pretty low key weekend. We ate crap. We hung out. We snuggled. Spotty Chop actually slept on his own all weekend, and would come into our side of the tent around 7am, so I got to sleep, except for the times I woke up because he wasn’t in the bed. I had hoped to go hiking or go to Attitash, but Spotty was being a home body, and who were we to say we needed to leave the campground? Besides there is always Labor Day weekend….