03 July, 2008

Dear Spotty Chop you are 40 months old today

You have started telling us that “going to bed/brushing teeth/taking bath/ is not an option”, and from your point of view I can see where you are coming from. Plus it is gosh darn cute to hear you say it. You also like to tell me (with a smile) mama that would be terry-bill!

We had our very first Parent/Teacher conference. They told us they loved you and you were wonderful. As if we didn’t already know. You are great at playing alone and using your imagination. You need to work on sharing and transitions. It’s great to know that the shit fits you throw for us, you are throwing for them as well.

We opened the pool and you are LOVING it. You insist we go in every day, even though it is colder than…cold. But you so love it as long as you are naked. You are not as big a fan of the swim suit.

Mantha is back for the summer and you couldn’t be happier. You are excited to pick her up and so sad to see her leave. I am so happy that you will be able to do more with her, now I just have to convince her to stay the hell outside.

The peas in our garden are ready and you have stripped them all, apparently you like the idea of picking your own, I had hoped to send you to school with some fresh veggies, but you eat them as fast as they are picked, we are planting more, just to keep up with you.

The other day when I was explaining that my hands hurt a lot and I couldn’t play a video game with you, you walked over to me, kissed my chest and said “I kissed your heart, that will make you feel better”, and wouldn’t you know? It did.

You LOVE to burp, and I know your father taught you how to do this. The two of you just laugh and laugh when you coming running up to me to burp on my shoulder. I think the two of you are dorks.

We also went to our first Carter family picnic. This was held at Defazio field’s tot lot. We brought pizza and Terminator and Buzz Cut came too. Terminator is a flame and you and Buzz Cut are the moths. You chased each other around all night. You also spent time with your school friends which made me happy to see and then Terminator and Buzz Cut would start looking for you. I can definitely see the three of you causing all sorts of mayhem as you grow older. God help us all.

You told me the other day that you wanted to be a doctor. Today you said you wanted to be a doctor in space. Dream big baby! You also said that you needed a “pop” (freezer pop) “it will help my tummy be healthy and strong!”

You are your mother’s son. You love to play in the rain. You love puddles and having the rain splash in your face. Ask auntie Moo about walking around in the rain sometime.

While reading a new book last night “I can read: Star Wars Podracer” You told me that you wished you could be in a podracer with Obi-Wan Kanobi or Luke Skywalker and me. He also hoped his daddy would be there in his podracer. You have never seen the movies. We have the Star Wars Lego PS2 game (it covers 1,2 and 3). But you seems to just absorb it from me. Reason # 454,348,762,436,586,970,361,532,674,849,476 why I love you

You have the softest tummy around. I love to give you belly rubs and tickle your ribbies.

We are off to our next camping adventure, can’t wait to see what happens, not sure what we are going to do. You have been asking to climb big rocks, and as we will be in the White Mountains, I think we can satisfy your craving. Happy 4th of July Spotty Chop!