26 July, 2008

Book Review: Witches Abroad

I was afraid that Pratchett had let me down. At first I could not get into this book, but luckily the book paid no attention to me and went on to explain that as witches know their time of death they don’t have to worry about wearing “good underwear in case you are in a horrible accident”.

This is a story about a fairy godmother and the witches that want to help. Apparently they kick the crap out of a vampire without noticing. (the cat finishes it off). Beat the crap out of the bulls in the running of the bulls (bulls needed to be rescued from the cat who wanted to “play") and so thoroughly trounced a group of card sharks that you will never be able to watch someone cleaning out their ears again. There is of course a bad fairy (or is she the “good” one, I got confused) who is forcing an entire kingdom to follow “THE STORY” and live happily ever after. Whether they want to or not.

There is Voodoo, gumbo and pumpkins. And then the book gets funny


Barb said...

I am a fan of fantasy books, too. Your summary of this is better than the excerpt I read online! This will have to go on my list of must reads. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your kind comments.

me said...

Barb - glad you liked the summary. Nice to find another fantasy nut out there.