23 December, 2007

Book Review – Through Wolf’s Eyes

Wolf - Book 1

What happens when you mix a feral potential princess brought up by wolves, and not just any wolves but Royal wolves. The difference being Royal wolves can “talk” and have their own society; an ageing king that needs an heir; and an Earl who sets out on an expedition to find the king’s banished son? Courtly intrigue at it’s best.

Firekeeper is a two legged wolf. She is not as fast or strong as her kindred, but she can do something that no other wolf can do, produce fire. When word comes of other two legs in their forest Firekeeper’s world changes forever, she must learn to live like a human surrounded by people with their own agenda. She is accompanied into the human lands by her friend Blind Seer and the Royal Falcon Elation. Firekeeper’s only human friend is Derian the youngest member of the Earl Kestrel’s party that found her. It is his job to try and teach her to be human.

What I really liked about the story is that even though Firekeeper is way out of her element she is never mistaken as weak. Whenever a snide remark is made on the way she eats or dresses she does better than brush it off, it is of no consequence what so ever. You can’t help but cheer her on, it reminds you of every awkward situation you have ever been in and wished you handled better. That’s not to say there are not problems. Firekeeper has trouble making friends because everyone sees her as a rival to the throne.

This is more than a coming of age story, and it is far better than the usual people talking to animal stories. There are political shenanigans, friendships, betrayals, kidnapping, battles, evil magic and just a hint of love.

I can’t wait for the next two books. This was one of the series where I couldn’t find the 1st book but I had the next two. Now if I could just find book 2.