18 December, 2007

Kick Ass Weekend...or not

We went out and cut down a Christmas tree this weekend. What a blast. We found a place close by (20 min). When I called and asked if they had any trees left I was told “yup, but it’s snowy, so don’t be wearing your high heels…or sneakers.” I said I would do my best, apparently my phone voice screams “have no clue”, and went and got the boys ready for outdoor fun. Damn getting a 2 year old ready to play outdoors is a pain in the ass, but he sure is cute!

The GPS brought us to the farm by back roads, which was nice because we were able to avoid all of the Wrentham outlet traffic. There was parking on the street and a small area to go when you were picking up your tree, there were only 5 or 6 other cars there, not crowded at all. We got our saw and our sled (with 4 big tires) and headed out. Spotty had a blast being pulled on the sled. He loved laying down and watching the ground go by. At first we were disappointed, the trees were so small, I told boy toy we didn’t always have to have the biggest tree in the neighborhood, and it would be ok. But as we continued on down the path (and a HUGE hill) we came to the section of the farm that was made for people like us. Big ASS trees.

Spotty felt that the snow was too deep and wanted to carry me, so boy toy walked around to find the perfect tree. After he cut it down (and I took a zillion pictures) he remembered that he would have to be pulling the monster up the hill again. Spotty decided he wanted to ride on top of the tree which was cute as hell, until he slid off, and then he needed to carry me. After boy toy got to the top of the hill and he rested for a moment he went to get the car. Apparently not everyone realized that the small parking lot (large enough for 2 cars) was for loading trees. I did not slap anyone silly as Santa is watching, but I did think it. He pulled behind the “offenders” with the ass end of the Jeep in the road, I helped roll the tree up the Jeep and onto the roof, it was heavy as hell. There was a father there with his two young sons, I suggested to boy toy that he offer to help, so I pulled my car out of the way and back onto the road so he could pull up. Boy toy did his good deed for the day and said that even though there tree was a lot shorter, it was just as heavy as ours.

Spotty fell asleep on the way home, and after we undressed him and put him in our bed to finish his nap boy toy suggested that I get some “snuggle” time in. And I did, and it was good.
Then came…the NIGHT TERRORS, I hate this crap, it’s only his 2nd one, but I do not like it one bit. I hate how he is screaming for me like he can’t find me while I am holding him. So I am sitting on our bed with my back to the wall trying to wake Spotty up. Boy toy jumps on the bed (did I mention we have a waterbed?) And yes ladies and gents I go flying over the edge. The space between the bed and wall is just big enough to allow me to have my legs stuck onto the bed and narrowly miss hitting my head so hard that I pass out. I have blood all over me because I have somehow scraped all the skin off of my left elbow. Boy toy says “where the hell did you go?” Did I mention it was pitch black in the bedroom. I can’t get up, I hurt both my wrists, he starts to laugh, I am crying because my baby is freaking out, but laughing because…well I just got flung off my bed, this is a first. Boy toy finally stops laughing long enough (I can not believe I am so fat that I just made you fall out of bed), to pick me up. I pick up Spotty and carry him outside to look for the moon. That seems to snap him out of the nightmare/whatever is going on. I put him back in our bed and run to the bathroom. Spotty comes looking for me and proceeds to toss his cookies all over the hall. He does not like this. There are yuckies in his mouth. We get him some water to rinse out his mouth and after boy toy cleans up we climb back into bed; where an hour later we have a replay of tossed cookies. So boy toy comforts Spotty and I change our sheets. Did I mention that all of our Xmas decorations are in front of the linen closet? Hit repeat a few more times. Boy toy finally went to bed in Spotty’s room. Spotty and I slept in sleeping bags, luckily we have a lot of sleeping bags. I worked from home on Monday. We watched some TV and videos. He’s at my mom’s now. The Needham trains were cancelled, and driving in there were accidents up the wazoo. I am ready for bed.