14 December, 2007

Random crap

Spotty Chop and I made a fort for the first time last weekend. He calls it his “hiding place”. Who knew a couple of sheets, chairs and a couch could be so fun. We spent a lot of time watching TV, reading, hiding from the monsters in the closet and singing to the cars and the houses (stocking hangers). While I was shopping for presents I saw a “fort sheet”, it was a nylon tarp like thing that had Velcro or elastic loops on the corners and sides that made it perfect for making forts, it can attach to chairs, trees, fences etc. I did not pick one up they were about $60.00 or so, I thought 1) he isn’t really into forts and 2) real moms use sheets, pillows etc. F that crap, I wish to Christ I could remember where that damn thing is. I would buy it in a heartbeat! Forts are hard, when he is 6 maybe he won’t care about the ceiling touching his head, at 2 ½ he doesn’t like it.

When he woke up boy toy by tickling him this morning when boy toy reciprocated Spotty told him to “Stop, I am looking at the clouds” and proceeded to lie on his back and stare at our ceiling. He has also told me on numerous occasions, “mama, no fussin”. I love to hear him speak, the way he puts words together, the way his mind works. He is just so much fun to be around. I wish I could express myself better because he is so amazing and fun that it just blows my mind. Spotty is generally a miserable SOB to wake up…I wonder where he gets that from (BOY TOY). I am finding that if I lay down next to him and gently kiss him on the back and belly he wakes up in a good mood…unless it pisses him off and he round kicks me in the head.

We also went to Moo and Freak Show’s house, it was Freaks birthday and Spotty helped put the candles on the cake. He was very pleased with how the cake came out and it was the BEST cake he ever had. He sang happy birthday and helped open presents, and ate more cake. I think it is the most cake he has eaten in his life. The only way he could have consumed more chocolate would be to drink a gallon of melted chocolate.

Boy toy just asked if our water seemed hotter because I have been complaining that the hot water just doesn’t seem to last. Apparently “someone” turned the water temperature down. I don’t even know how to do that. God I love that kid.