09 December, 2007

Book Review - Queen of the Darkness

The Black Jewels Trilogy Book 3
Dorothea is up to her old tricks, blaming the High Lord for all her cruelties, and like sheep most people, including Jaenelle’s parents are ready to believe the worst of him. Meanwhile Lucivar is desperately looking for his brother Daemon on the “lists”. There are so many people fleeing from Tereille trying to find work and home in Kaeleer, that they hold fairs to accommodate them all. At the last second Lucivar finds Daemon, who as we all k now has just come back from the Twisted Kingdom. You may be surprised to know this but “someone” is trying to keep Daemon from Jaenelle.

Jaenelle is just a shadow of herself with not even a glimmer of the awesome power that she had at her hands and once she and Daemon come to terms with each other. We have new and old witches trying to kill and discredit them.

Have I mentioned the Wolves, Tigers and other friendly jewel wearing animals that love Jaenelle and her posse? Nothing like a pissed off Tiger or Wolf to add to the chaos of Dorothea and Hekatah.

Add to this a taint that our 2 favorite byotches manage to stir up due to Briawood that is gearing up to destroy the Blood completely and you have a “strap yourself in” end of a series.

God Damit I am going to miss all of these guys.