15 December, 2007

First Snowstorm of the Year!

Thursday we had a snowstorm and it was a good one. It took boy toy over 2 hours to get home. I luckily was working from home so Spotty and I didn’t have to go anywhere. But he did want to go outside and play in the snow. So I put on all of our “cold weather gear”, and we went out into the winter wonderland.

Spotty loved playing with his dump trucks in the snow; he made crazy patterns in the front lawn. I shoveled. Boy toy had a truck with a plow for at least 5 years; this is the first year without it. Thank God the snow was so light and fluffy. Once I finished shoveling I decided to grab the sled and asked Spotty if he wanted a ride. We had such a BLAST. He was grabbing snow and eating it. He would lean over and put his face in the snow. Sometimes he would walk with me and help me pull the sled. Kids are so Frelling cute when they walk in the snow. We had plow trucks beeping at us to say hi. Every car that drove by us had someone smiling and waving. Spotty did have enough on our way home. The snow was getting too cold and he wanted to “carry me”. I tried to run home pulling the sled. DAMN am I out of shape. We finally did get home. Took everything wet off and snuggled on the couch under my color blanket. I think this winter is going to be fun!