17 January, 2008

Happy Hollydaze

Yes, it’s how many weeks later and I am finally getting around to updating the blog. Nothing dramatic has been happening, Spotty has just wanted a lot of attention and then I have wanted to sleep and boy toy has wanted attention. It’s all good

The holidays were chock full of fun for Spotty Chop, boy toy and myself. We were a bit handicapped in that our house is so uncontrollably cluttered that we can barely function. We were struck with the stomach virus from hell. At any one time at least 2 of us were down for the count. The tree didn’t get decorated until the 23rd. We missed 3 trash weeks, anything stinky was outside, but I did a lot of internet shopping and we have a room full of nothing but boxes. Unfortunately it is the first room you walk into when you come into the use. Add that to the normal clutter we always have, then the clutter you get with a 2 year old and you have “CHOSS”.

We did start the season with a treat. Boy toy was supposed to work xmas eve day, which totally sucked. We have done an Xmas eve brunch with Lennon and B-52 for years, we started when we all lived together at 357 (even made a song about it) and it is our way of easing into the stress, fun that is Xmas. We swap houses every year and this year was our turn, but with Tim working B-52 was kind enough to host for the 2nd year in a row. We have toned down our menu because for some reason when the 4 (now 5) of us get together we eat like pigs/kings. This year on the menu was made to order omelets, bacon, sausage, gingerbread, blueberry muffins, coffee cake, and home made whipped cream. Spotty was in awe of the decorations, B-52 really pulls out all the stops their yard is full of every blow up Xmas character out there, inside there is a village, every picture and light switch is wrapped and a tree dressed to perfection. But best of all? There are kitty’s to chase and pat and love. Lennon takes Spotty Chop duty, which lets me relax and is the perfect gift. Around 2 or 3 we leave them to get ready for the beginning of their family fun and we head home for a nap and then a night of Boy Toy Family fun!!!

We got to Gramie and Grumpa’s around 7:00pm we were the last to arrive, but we had all napped and felt good. Xmas eve is a good time, there is food and family and pure crazyness. Spotty has 2 cousins that were born within 6 months of him and they tore the place apart. Present time is a goat rodeo some of the older kids pass out the gifts and it is just a free for all, honestly I am not crazy about it. You don’t get to see what people think of your gifts, you don’t even get to see who gave half the crap to your kid. There are just too many of us for the small space. I am going to suggest the younger kids getting their gifts first, or a couple of gifts and then sending or keeping them at the other end of the house while the older kids open theirs. We will see. We left there around 11PM, thank god Spotty fell asleep on the ride home.

Boy toy and I were up until 3 wrapping gifts and putting together Spotty’s BIG GIFT…a trampoline! We set it up so that it was going to be the first thing he saw
When he walked into the livingroom the next day. We usually celebrate the Solstice, but this year we just couldn’t get our acts together so Xmas it was. Spotty woke up around 8am and I started a tradition that we had at our house. Daddy goes into the livingroom first to see if Santa came while we wait on the other side of the gate. Boy toy gave us the all clear and Spotty walked into the living room. He absolutely flipped out over the trampoline. He loves that thing. He is a jumping fool. It’s just a small square with a bar that he can hold onto while he is jumping, but damn that boy can get some height. We played with all the new toys, games and books all day. Took a nap and went to my folks and got there around 7pm. We were the last to arrive, but we had napped and were happy. Apparently my mom had cooked a real dinner so the ham and turkey were dry, but that was the worst thing that happened. Favorite brother gave Spotty some monster trucks and GeoTrax which was a huge hit. Froggy gave him some adorable outfits and an R2D2 laptop. I love this girl and will so kick my brothers ass if he screws up this relationship. Spotty got so much stuff that my mom decided not to give him all of the stuff they bought him, which wasn’t a big deal as the week before he was wandering around their house and found his big gift a remote control excavator! Nannie was pissed because Papa was supposed to have hidden it, they forget what a 2 year old is like. We left there around 11:00.

I was lucky enough to have the rest of the week off. Spotty and I slept late 8am! Played and hung out. Did some shopping. It was just nice not going to work. We ended the holiday with Moo, Freak, Hippy chick, Cheese and CR coming over to celebrate Xmas and New Years. We have been doing this for years and it is just a low key 100lbs of Chinese food, watching the ball drop, playing video games swapping gifts, chasing Spotty around and cake. I get a birthday cake for Freak and Cheese, and now I add CR too. Moo makes me cookie dough every year, sugar and chocolate chip. She makes it, forms it into logs and then freezes it so we have cookies all year round. It’s a good thing. I really enjoy the fact that Hippy and CR are coming over, I know it’s just a matter of time before they stop because seriously, would you want to hang out with your parents friends…who don’t drink on New Years? Christ, I don’t know if I want to hang out with us.

Spotty jumped on his trampoline until 12:03am when I looked at the clock and say “Holy SHIT it’s 12:03 get the fuck out of my house, I have to get Spotty to bed”. They left, we went to bed. And to all a good night