08 December, 2007


Annie over at one thing I hate about today was talking about clutter, more specifically the clutter than comes about when you have the pitter patter of little feet in the home. This is something that is so a part of my life that I am paralyzed at times. I have no idea where to begin cleaning/sorting/tossing crap. I wish I could blame it all on Spotty Chop, but he has only enhanced the clutter. Boy toy and I have always been lazy, and I am a pack rat of the first order, and as we have been together for 20 some odd years that adds up to a lot of crap. Boy toy is also not as…enthusiastic about home cleaning as he could be. So at times to show him, I do not declutter the way I should, and as boy toy could care less, then I care even lesser than his less and down that slippery slope lies madness. Now add a 2.75 year old who loves cars and trucks and has learned from his parents that clutter is the norm. CHAOS (feel free to pronounce it rhyming with floss). Add to this the holiday’s and where the Frell are we going to put the tree and more toys and more stuff and and and.

I need to go lie down