10 December, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished Pt 2.

So this morning in the NE we had a delightful ice storm, which apparently covers everything in ice. Boy toy went out in his long undies to start his truck around 6:10am, he was running late. Did he start my jeep? Alas he did not, it is morning time, and he just doesn’t do well. As he runs around the house I toss his lunch together and helpfully tell him “you forgot to make coffee”, his response is less than cheerful. At 6:15am I go out to start my car, I run out in just a sweater as I will only be out for a second. I turn the car on and notice that his windows are still icy. I take out my handy dandy ice scraper and start scraping, I do wonder if I should run in for a coat, but as the ice is coming off of the driver side fairly easily I think I can wrap this up in another minute or two.

As I go around the back of the truck my feet notice that there is something shiny towards the street and they should go hither at once. The rest of my body would like to continue around the truck, except for my right elbow that would prefer to stay with my car. Apparently my dance of doom was so stupendous that someone driving by stopped, got out of his truck, and said “DAMN, are you OK? Do you need help? And as he took a step towards me, “SHIT”, I let the good Samaritan know I would survive and he said “thank fucking god”. I held on to the truck for dear life and shuffled my way to the other side, tearing skin off my hands as they stuck to the frozen metal. I cleaned those Frelling windows, I am woman hear me whimper.

Now my neck is stiff, my lower right ribs throb, my left butt cheek feels like I really shouldn’t be sitting on it, my back on the right side where my waist (or what used to be a waist) feels the way it does before it seizes, right above my right elbow is numb, my left arm feels like a donkey kicked it (just started as I was typing this) and my left hand feels like someone used it as a ball in one of those games…football I think it is, field kick? Punt? Whatever. Did I forget my ice scraper in the house? Yes. Will it be a nightmare when I finally get back to the car? Hell Yes….unless I can find the mother of all inventions….the wooden ruler, with metal edge. We New Englanders are tough, we make do and I can not tell you how many times that trusty ruler has saved me. Go hug your ruler, let them know they are loved.