26 April, 2009

What a good weekend looks like

Friday night was movie night. We decided to have a “special” movie night. We took it on the road to…the drive-ins! We are incredibly lucky that we have a drive in only 10 minutes away. What did we see? Monsters vs Aliens. Spotty Chop loved it, Boy Toy and I enjoyed it. We brought a pizza and popcorn as both items are mandatory for movie night. We also got to bring our ball/Frisbee thingy and played in between the cars. That is part of the drive-in fun, everyone is playing something, football, catch, tag. I wish people would pay the F attention to where they are driving. For the love of Christ people it is a kids animated movie, there are kids around. SLOW THE F down! I know that there are at least 2 more movies that will be showing that Spotty will like. Who knows maybe Boy Toy and I will even get to see something we want

Saturday we went to help the roomies husband fix up the new house. He will be moving closer to the roomies sister so she can help out with the kids. It’s a great house, a great location, perfect neighborhood. The other K drove 2 ½ hours up here to help out. I love her. I wish we lived closer. I really miss having her around. We promised roomie before she died that we would make sure hubby and kids were going to be ok. I think Boy Toy’s manly baseboard destruction and all of our wall washing and sanding would have made roomie laugh her ass off. Spotty on the other hand was at Gramie and Grumpas. Gramie took Spotty to his first church experience. She said he was excellent. She brought jelly beans, books, and coloring. I was pleased. Apparently when he was kneeling he had his hands folded. If he had stayed that way a minute more Gramie would have had a photo. But we all know how much Spotty likes to stay still. Gramie told us that Spotty was praying “for God” not to, but for. Spotty also told us that praying means “paying money”. Boy Toy and I looked at Gramie who looked perplexed…until she burst out laughing and couldn’t catch her breath. She gave him money to put in the collection basket. Have I ever mentioned how much I love that kid?

Today was an at home day, that was actually productive. I think all that cleaning yesterday was the wakeup call for me. We asked Mantha to come over and she happily did. So while Boy Toy and I did the dump/BJ’s/food shopping/boy toy’s wherever the hell he went, but brought home herbs/veggies and flowers. I am really happy that Mantha is stepping up her game. She had Spotty outside playing and when Boy Toy and I got home they told us all about the games they played. She pulled me aside to tell me that Spotty really wanted to watch TV but she convinced him to play games with her instead. That is what I want to see from her. Last year she would have sat on her ass and watched TV with him. She is growing up. SNIIIIFFFFF. The house is still a pig-sty but we have drawn our line in the sand. Who will be victorious? Stay tuned.


Marg said...

I really enjoy going to the drive-in, and I think it has big advantages when you go with your kids. It doesn't matter as much if people talk, or rustle packaging, or if the kids are a bit tired they can go to sleep.