09 April, 2009

Book Review: The True Story of Hansel and Gretel – a novel of war and survival

How easy it is to hate ; to see only one side.
“Your children will be dead if they catch us.” The woman clung tighter. “They’ll shoot us beside the road.” …The boy listened. The Stepmother would get her way. She wasn’t their real mother.

And so the story of Hansel and Gretel begins. We are in Poland and the Nazi’s are chasing a family. Already I am crying. How you could abandon your babies? How could you abandon anyone’s babies? What kind of monster would do such a thing?

Life isn’t always what it seems. Who am I to judge who has never lived during a war/strife? How many times have I been shown that you can’t judge a book by its cover?

You will find bread crumbs, ovens and even witches. You also find kindness, love and the will to survive.

This isn’t your typical fairy tale. But it is a story that needs to be read. We must all be reminded of what has happened so that it never happens again.


Masha said...

Wow! This sounds riveting. I've read quite a few re-tellings of fairytales, but not Hansel and Gretel. Cant wait to find out how the whole thing with the witch is handled...will have to look out for this one.
By the way, you made me smile with your "YEA, greek myths" comment. Hope you find a copy of The God Beneath The Sea...

Nymeth said...

I've been meaning to read this for some time. Thanks for the reminder. It sounds like an amazing book.

PS: I LOVE your header!

me said...

Masha Masha Masha -- sorry do you get that a lot? I had never read a re-telling of H&G either. Definately worth reading.

Nymeth - I don't know how I cam across this one, but I am glad I did. - I am glad you like the whale. It makes me giggle

Masha said...

If its not "mashmallow" its "mashroom" or just plain "mush".