06 April, 2009

Volunteering is BAD

So someone needed to be in NY for two days. My colleague went for a day. My boss got hurt. I refused to let her go to the office at all. So I went to NYC. Lovely trip, got stuff done…but then there was the trip home.

I left the office at 2:30 to get to LaGuardia for a 4:00pm flight back to Boston. Got there with plenty of time to spare. And the 4:00 was cancelled due to weather. But since I got to the airport early I was able to get a great seat for the 5:00. I am sitting watching SG1 (season 7) when I realize that it is 4:30 and we should be getting on the plane soon.

5:45PM departure. Well, that’s not so bad. Around 5:00pm they cancel the 6:00. I am feeling a bit uneasy. At 5:30 they tell us the plane has not left Boston yet. At 5:45 they cancel the 5:00PM. 3 cancelled flights of people are trying to get onto the 7:00. It is still raining.

After 3 calls to rental car places I finally get through to one. I hop on the shuttle and pick up my car. I also pick up a GPS. Otherwise known as the Holy Grail. It doesn’t take me 95, but some back way that seriously saved me about 2 hours of driving time.

I was in bed snuggling Spotty chop by 9:30. Was asleep before 10:00.

Did I mention my car was still at the airport?

I fill the tank and drop off the car. I hop on the shuttle to the airport. I hop off the shuttle. I reach for my….keys….I call Boy Toy. I wait in wind for Boy Toy and Spotty to bring me my keys.

I drive home.

We have no snacks in the house…except for the Easter Basket