12 April, 2009

Happy Easter

I think this was my favorite Easter so far. Spotty and I got to hang out on Good Friday. It was a beautiful day here and after a few errands we were able to get ourselves to a park. Neither of us had been there (thanks Barefoot Baby) before and I can’t believe we have not stopped there before this. Spotty had a blast, it’s a really well designed play area. Spotty made a new friend, he seems to gravitate towards the older kids. We spent several hours there and then managed to come home and take naps…

Saturday was spent at Moo and Freakshow’s for our annual egg coloring extravaganza. Cheese, Hippy Chick and CR were all there. Spotty had a blast with them. He forced CR and Hippy to fight with light sabers, Freakshow to play Wii. Cheese introduced him to several games, perhaps the most important of all being don’t break the ice. Moo thinks he is yummie and kept giving him eggs to smoosh

Then…the bunny came.

Spotty was beyond excited He “woke” us up with such glee in his voice. And that was because he found 4 eggs. You forget how little it takes to bring magic into their lives.