03 April, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 49 months old today

You have been having a lot of problems with nightmares. Actually I don’t think it’s plural. You had one nightmare that has freaked you out so badly that you no longer want to play any games on the PS2 (you will play on your daddy’s PSP). You don’t want to watch any TV show where there is a “bad guy”. This includes Puca where the bad guy is a bumbling idiot. To all of this we say ok.

You get more and more worked up as night falls. We are constantly reassuring you that you don’t have to play or watch anything you do not want to. If you decide to watch something and midway through decide it’s too scary we will shut it off and find something else or read stories. I wish I knew what happened, but you get upset when I ask saying “you tell dada about it” so I know I was somehow involved and there was a key.

Not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but a few weeks past you had been falling asleep before 8:30, sometimes before 7:30. This is NOT normal for you. Several times we have noticed that you are getting cranky around 7, and then you said “I need to lie down now, come snuggle with me.” So we all lie down and you pass out. You were doing it at home and you are doing it at friend’s houses. I don’t know whether to be concerned or not. Hopefully you are growing or your body is just insisting that it finally needs some sleep.

You got your first official Black Eye. And it was a doozy. Of course you didn’t complain about it so no one really knows what happened. I believe I see my future laid out in front of me.

You have started telling jokes. God help us

· Did you ever see cat wearing a pat?
· Did you ever see a turkey wearing a key?
· Did you ever see a duck with a hat?

We of course laugh hysterically at each and every one of these. You are sooo happy when you are telling these, and then the punch line! We are laughing at how happy you are and you are laughing just to laugh.

You told Nannie that you only read chapter books now, so you won’t read with her. I am picking up chapter books.

Your 4th year doc appointment went as follows – Height/Weight 50%. You are exactly where you need to be. I had to stop myself answering for you when the doctor asked questions. I am just so used to having to do it for your daddy. I forget that some men actually can function on their own. You also had 3 shots, first time in the arm. Totally sucked, but we took you to the place where you could be a kid. You had a blast.

Some things you have said that made me smile:
· I wish we colleted stars, they are so warm.
· I love her. Even if my heart breaks I still love her.
· It’s grape & cherry. Deliseoness. That means 2 of a kind in Spanish
· Frisbees are loveable

You are also making up songs just like your father. If you start slipping in words like ho and sex you are grounded!

Nannie and Papa brought you back a gift from Mexico. It is a small hand carved “dinosaur”, with a head that bobs back and forth. You said thank you. Then you said. “But next time you should bring back a gift from Burger King or McDonalds.” I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time.

This morning you told me “I just had a dream and I couldn’t find you. I had to walk down the highway and the street with NO SHOES! But I couldn’t find you anywhere.”

I wish I could help you more kiddo. I LOVE YOU!!!!!