05 April, 2009

Knitting projects 11 & 12

Oh the joys of knitting for a baby. I used to make these bears all the time, but it started to become a chore with all the demands for them so I stopped making them. My friend is having a baby girl. She NEEDED a bear. Just sayin.

I liked this yarn a lot. But this blanket gave me problems that would have made a Saint curse. The pattern called for a certain gauge (and we all know the issues I am having there. So I used two strands. I had a sinking feeling that it wasn’t right, but knew that I was following directions. At the half way point I was on the train with Miss Kathy. She looked at me and I said “I know.” We proceeded to tear the thing out. Then when I got a third of the way through my circular needles broke. I kept pulling them apart and loosing stitches. I finally spent two hours the morning of the baby shower to finish it up. For all the drama. I think it came out nice.