17 April, 2009

Book Reivew: Confessor

Sword of Truth Book 11 (twelve if you count Debt of Bones)

Kahlan can’t remember. Nicci has put the boxes of Orden in play. Zedd is making the Mord-Sith surly and Richard? He’s playing Ja’La.

Oh it’s good to be home! I’ve missed them. Richard, Kahlan, Zed, Cara. I can’t believe the last time I read about them was back in August last year.

We are coming to the end of our saga and let me tell you. I can’t tell if Terry is being all subtle or if he is BEATING us over the head with moralistic bullshit. And on top of that Six seems to be meaner and badder than Darth Vader and and Jagang combined. I just don’t know if I can take it.

But you wanna know what has REALLY CRAWLED UP MY ARSE? I think I just might have to slap the shit out of Rachel. And if I have to go on a slapping frenzy on RACHEL!?! Well Terry Goodkind and I are gonna have words.

It won’t be pretty.


Mojo said...

But the real question is who's next for the B's? Will it be the Rangers... who seem poised to send the Crapitals packing in Round 1 for the second straight year? Or will it be the surging Hurricanes, who -- should they exorcise the Devils (for the third straight time) will certainly arrive in battle-ready condition. Possibly the you-might-overlook-them-and-that-would-be-a-big-mistake-just-ask-the-Flyers Penguins will be next up?

Whatever the case, the cakewalk is ovah. My hunch is that Round 2 will see the B's hosting the Rangers and the Penguins hosting the Canes. But a lot will depend on what happens in Newark tonight. Can't wait to see what these two teams do for an encore!