13 April, 2009

Book Review: Reserved for the Cat

Elemental Masters, Book 5

A disaster has befallen the Parris opera Ballet. The etoile has sprained her ankle and Ninette must take her place. Unfortunately for her she dances too well and catches the eye of the etoile’s patron as well. Unable to find another job and about to be tossed out of the only home she has ever known. Ninette prepares herself for the only job left to a penniless woman. Luckily for her there is a cat

(Thomas) that wants better for her life. He will make her fortune if she will just follow his lead.
And lead Thomas does. Foreign shores, shipwrecks, magic, evil and dancing all face Ninette. Can she persuade her new found friends to take a chance? Can she become the person her parents always wanted her to be?

She will if the cat has his way.

So am I a complete idiot that it took almost to the end of the book to realize what folk tale this was based off of?