27 November, 2007

Tuesday with Spotty Chop

My parent’s are off in Florida, my SIL works Tues and Thurs. I had no one to watch my little bundle of joy; I was forced to take the day off. It was a sacrifice, but I think I handled it well. We slept until 8:00AM. Colored, played cars and trucks, apparently went outside while I was in the bathroom to get pieces of boy toy’s motorcycle, and then got dressed so we could go to the Discovery Museum in Acton.

I really like this place. It’s in a Victorian home with 10 or so different rooms that each have a theme. Trains, balls and motion, water tables, sea creatures, senses, safari, fort, kitchen/restaurant and the attic is boats and the water. I have read reviews of the place that complain about it being small and crowded during holidays and weekends and I just have to say…”DUH”, any place that caters to young children is going to be crazy during those times. I try to avoid going anywhere I think other people will be if possible. As for being small, I would describe it as cozy and quaint. I don’t know if anyone remembers the Boston’s Children’s Museum of long ago. I just have vague memories of it, but the way my parents describe it sounds similar to the Discovery. Spotty and I had a great time, there were kids there, but not so many that you were unable to do what you wanted.

Spotty made a friend up in the ship area, a lovely young lady of 4 years whom Spotty decided to call Lilly, not her name, but she didn’t seem to mind. They spent a good hour or two being pirates, lobstermen, dolphin/shark friends, crazy cooks and other assorted games. Spotty usually lets older women have there way with him, but this seemed to be a very equal partnership, both taking turns to be leader and follower. When “Lilly” had to leave Spotty was off for more adventuring. The set up is nice and circular so that you can go through the rooms easily and quickly (or not) depending on your mood. We stopped off at Old McDonalds (what Spotty calls Micky D’s) and had a chocolate (vanilla shake) and some fries.

If you live nearby, or have an unexpected day off I highly recommend it. There is also a science museum that we have been to, but it is geared towards older kids or at least older than a 2 year old. We had fun, but I didn’t bother going this time, in another year or two it will be perfect.