04 November, 2007

Book Review – The High Lord

Black Magician Trilogy Book Three

The story starts off with the city in turmoil due to a serial killer that has been killing with what looks like black magic. We meet up again with Cery, who we find out is doing quite well for himself. He is working for someone to try and find the killer, what the rest of the city doesn’t know is that it isn’t just one killer there are multiple killers. Cery gets help from a surprising source a Sachakan named Savara who seems to be opening all sorts of possibilities for him.

The High Lord Akkarin finally tells Sonea why he is practicing black magic. Not what I expected. I will admit I was hoping he wasn’t the evil scum lord Vader like personage that he seemed to be. Sonea not only agrees to help Akkarin but decides to learn black magic herself. While Akkarin and Sonea are busy trying to save the Guild the Sachakan’s are busy too, killing everyone they can and pointing it to Akkarin. They capture Akkarin who explains what has been going on, but the Guild does not totally believe him. Sonea refuses to let him be exiled to Sachakan by himself believing he will be killed and he is the only wizard who can save them.

Let’s not forget Dannyl, who was hoping that the High Lord would be able to explain that he was able to infiltrate the rebels by “pretending” that he and Tayend were more than friends. Or Rothen who is sent to Sachakan to spy on them.

How does it end? Again, not how I would have expected. But good. Perhaps there is another trilogy somewhere here?