29 November, 2007

Book Review – Book of the Dead

Damn you Pendergast

Do you want to know what sucks? Coming into a series at the mid/end point. Now with rational genres (SciFi/Fantasy) they generally tell you that this is Book 1, Book 10, Book 24...With mystery/cop drama? Not so much. That really sucks. I NEVER read a book 2 before a book 1, what is the Fin point? (Yes Freak Show I am totally speaking to you). Don’t all fall off your chairs, I do read things other than SciFi/Fantasy, just not often.

On with the book. We have FBI agent Pendergast that is locked up in a maximum security prison for apparently killing a few of his friends (in a previous book). Pendergast’s deranged and psychotic brother Diogenes who framed him (again in a previous book). A whole traumatizing relationship between the two (played out apparently in several books). A group of friends, acquaintances and wards who are planning Pendergast’s escape. And there is something totally wacked out with the ward.

We also have major museum drama. There has been a diamond heist (in a previous book) there is an Anthrax scare, we have a cover up and the discovery of a lost exhibit that may save the museum from financial disaster.

How does this all fit? Damned if I know…only kidding, this was a great read even if I didn’t understand everything so now? I will have to read it from the beginning to see how all of these players came to be. I HATE THAT…then again, by the time I finish finding and reading all the previous books I will be ready to re-read this one.