11 November, 2007

Book Review - Daughter of the Blood

The Black Jewels Trilogy Book 1
This is a great book and turns the typical “slave finds a protector to love and be protected” on its head. It is definitely a refreshing change to have the men be the pleasure slaves for once. This is definitely not a book for younger readers. Lots of mature themes and violence. As you may have guessed from other reviews I am all about the violence, but when they are castrating a man and it goes into details, well I just feel that might not necessarily need to read about it just yet. Don’t let that stop you from reading though.

The cast of characters is complex and compelling. Saetan is the Lord of Hell a man not to be toyed with. Lucivar is a winged warrior who lives on the sufferance of his cousins good behavior. Daemon is also a “ringed” male sent to different queens and courts to humiliate and attempt to control him. All 3 have been waiting for Witch. A queen they could serve with pride and love. For something has happened to the queens and priestesses. Corruption and lethargy now rule the lands.

Enter in Jaenelle a 12 year old girl whose family has been sending her in and out of an institution “Briarwood” for emotionally distraught girls since she was 5. What not many know is that Briarwood is actually used as a pleasure house for many rich and powerful men that understand that if they get a young witch early enough they can break her so that she never becomes powerful and therefore unable to rule.

Father, Brother and Lover must learn to trust themselves and each other if there is any hope of saving the dream made flesh
Thank god I have book 2 and 3…and I know where they are