04 November, 2007

Book Review - Faith of the Fallen

Sword of Truth Book 6 C
hrist on a cracker, I read this bastard before. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just…I was looking forward to something I hadn’t read before. Although…I’ve only read it once and really don’t remember what is going on or going to happen so that is pretty cool.

Kahlan, Richard and Cara are off to give the mother confessor a place to heal. Conflict and strife, minor…at first. Sister Nicci shows up and she is the bad ass of bad asses. We learn her story and come to realize that it is always the mothers fault. Damn crazy byotches. Although Nicci brings crazy to a whole new level She captures Richard and makes him trot at her heals as her husband to learn “something” before she kills him. You may be shocked to learn that I want to slap the shit out of her too. She is wacked.

Kahlan on the other hand I LOVE. I like her best when she is taking no prisoners. When she is a battle leader, or just kicking ass and taking names, she shines like the superstar she is. There are a couple of quotes that just made the book for me. One is when Kahlan first reaches the army after Richard has been taken. Zedd asks if she has a plan to get Richard back.
“It’s simple. I plan on killing every Imperial Order man, woman and child until I get to the very last one left alive, and then if she doesn’t give him back, I’m going to kill her too.”
The other is what General Baldwin the commander of the Keltish forces says when Kahlan asks,
How many men did you bring?
Baldwin replies
Why…all of them. One hundred seventy thousand men. When my queen asks for an army, I bring her one.

Richard is in the old world working on a palace for Jagang who has decided that to be taken seriously he needs to have more toys than anyone else. I enjoy how Richard’s richardness shines through no matter what Nicci throws at him. I got distracted by wanted to slap the shit out of everyone in the old world, especially those in Altur’Rang. I don’t think I am cut out to be a sheep. Richard is able to fall in pretty much anything and come out smelling like roses. He makes nare do wells better citizens, helps drive a faltering economy and turns into a craftsman of unsurpassed skill…oh he starts a revolution too.