04 November, 2007

No good deed goes unpunished

So last Monday we went back to Coco Key. Moo and Cheese Please were joined by Hippy Chick and Freak Show. I decided to grab Duncan Donuts for the guys working on the house because Monday was bitterly cold. Spotty was his usual charming self, flirting with everyone. I went back to the house dropped off the coffee and donuts and then headed for the highway. Pulled onto the onramp and looked over at the passenger seat and noticed that my pocketbook was not there. “FUCK FUCK FUCK” I said, Spotty said “mama what wrong? Why fuck fuck fuck?” The boy has lived with us for almost three years and this is the first time he has ever said the word. I explained that mommy was upset and was saying bad words. I pull off at the next exit and look in the front of the car for my bag. Can’t find it. Drive back to D&D to ask if they have seen it. Nope. Drive back to the house to see if I brought it to the house. Nope. I grab my $100 emergency money, because by god I am taking the boy swimming (he was so excited when I told him where we were going). I run up to the police station to see if anyone dropped it off, I was thinking that I may have left it on the hood of my car and driven off like that. Spotty was excited to see the police officers “they keep us safe”. When I went into the back seat and was taking Spotty out of his car seat…guess what I found…we went in to say hi to the police officers anyways.

So and hour later than I wanted to be (and hour and a half if anyone was counting) we were on the road. We ended up right behind Moo and company as we pulled in. No discounts were given this time, and apparently there were birthday parties going on. WTF? Don’t people have work and school to go to? There were about 20 people in the place, which was 20 people to many. Spotty ran right into the kiddy pool and had a great time. Cheese and Freak went on a bunch of the small slides. We all had fun on the river. Moo then watched Spotty so that Freak and I could go down the big slides. I told him that you had to scream the whole way down, and by god he did. We had a blast. The activity pool was open and Spotty and I played on the giant snake and played leap frog on the lily pads.

We went out to the hot tub, me dragging Hippy along as it was cold, I had forgotten that the seat part of the tub was a lot lower than expected. Moo fell last time, I fell this time, with Spotty in my arms. I managed to keep him from going under or hitting anything, but I landed hard and still have, a week later, a bruise larger than my outstretched hand. It no longer hurts to sit which is nice.

Spotty was trying new skills in the kiddy pool. One of the slides has a decent current and he was pushing against it. At one point he went under. I thought “he will pop back up…he should be popping up any second…where the fuck is he?” I grabbed him and held him close. I know it only lasted a second or two, but Christ on a Cracker, that was the scariest thing that has happened so far. It seemed like it was hours that he was down there.

After all of the trauma we decided that we needed food…and the food shack was closed. Freak and I spoke with the management to express our displeasure. They offered us take out menus and said they were sorry. So I keep taking the towels they provide. Anytime one got damp, I made sure we all had new towels. I must have traded in 100. We got way too much food (who knew that the fried dough would be the size of a small pizza).

Spotty and I left around 3:30. Trying to get him dressed and myself dressed before he can run out to the lobby is still a challenge. On the way home there was an accident and I was stuck in traffic, right before rush hour.