27 November, 2007

Book Review : Heir to the Shadows

The Black Jewels Trilogy Book 2

Saetan requests guardianship of Jaenelle and when the vote doesn’t go his way starts killing until it does. His ex wife is looking for the little witch so she can control her and he tells her she is running with the lost children. In truth Jaenelle was so traumatized that she has been in the abyss for 2 years. What brings her back out is when she threatens Char and attacks Saetan. So Jaenelle is back, badder than ever a bit crazy.

What I like about this series is that bad and stupid people get what’s coming to them. You want details? Read the books.

Surreal finds Daemon or rather he finds her, unfortunately he is stuck in the Twisted Kingdom (crazy as…well anything) because not only does he think he killed Jaenelle, but when he tries to rescue Lucivar his brother blames him for Jaenelle’s death too.

Folks seem to underestimate Jaenelle and who or what she is. When Saetan gets accused of “taking advantage” of her by the counsel and they determine that she is better off under someone else’s care she agrees and tells them when the “sun next rises you can appoint a new guardian”. You don’t want to mess with an angry witch.

We also get to meet a bunch of Jaenelle’s friends who are as crazy or cranky depending on if you are with them or against them.