18 October, 2007

Playing Hooky

I took the day off on Monday to spend with Spotty Chop cauz I missed him during the wedding, Boy toy missed him too and was bummed that he couldn’t stay home, but that’s what happens when you start a new job, your life sucks. We woke up late for us…8 or 8:30. Went to the Little Gym in the morning, it was a fun class. I am sorry I am not going to be able to attend more often. There was another mom there who also had a 2 ½ year old boy. It was nice to see how similar they are. They were running around doing their own things, sometimes together and sometimes just by themselves. The rest of the group was girls and you know what, boys and girls are different. I know that’s a generalization, but I really think it’s true in some ways. I was having a conversation with Spotty on how it’s not ok to hit me and as the other boy was trying to get Spotty’s attention so they could play; his mom walked by and said “glad to see it’s not just me”. It was nice to talk to someone in the same place as you are.

After the gym we went food shopping. This was a HUGE chore for awhile, Spotty was…a pain in the ass, wouldn’t sit in the carriage, cried and carried on, and he just didn’t dig it. So I stopped bringing him. I think it was just a phase because we are having fun again, he is flirting with everyone and trying to help me shop. Next time I go I am going to cut out things from the circular and have him help me find them. We put food away, played trucks and trains, had some lunch. Then we took a nap, I really wanted to do some cleaning while he slept, but…it’s hard not to nap when your baby is so cuddly and warm. We woke up a few minutes before boy toy walked in the door, which is good because he would have been even sadder if he knew we were napping together, I mean he knows, but it hurts more when you walk in and see everyone all snuggled and you had to work all day. We went back to the little gym for our normal class and he had a really good time, we haven’t made several of the classed because Spotty hasn’t been napping during the day and he falls asleep on the ride home. He is a BEAR when I try to wake him.
Once we got home we played mixing. I had bought a bunch of dried peas that I poured into my bridesmaid gift. A large bowl that a friend of the Bride’s had made. Spotty seems fascinated with the texture of things in the bowl (we have had Chex mix and M&M’s in it since we got home. We all took turns swishing things around; pouring them in and out of the bowl and just some general silliness. We took a shower and then a tubbie. We read books and played puzzles. Nothing outrageous but I was glad I could spend the day with our boy. He just gets cooler every time I turn around.