20 October, 2007

Book Review - Soul of the Fire

Sword of Truth Book 5
When is a chicken not a chicken? When will the mother confessor not piss me off? Is anyone keeping track of how many times I want to slap the shit out of her? I’ve lost track. We start this story off with Richard and Kahlan celebrating their day after the wedding. They are happy. I will confess it is nice to have them happy every once and awhile. It doesn’t happen often. Soon enough trouble rears its head; Richard and Zed don’t even get a chance to chat before death and mayhem start. Zed and Ann send Richard and Kahlan back to the keep for some busy work. When will Zed learn to trust Richard? Magic is draining from the world due to Kahlan’s saving Richards life. Good news Jagang’s magic is draining, bad news; subtractive magic is still going strong.

I have found a whole new country of people that I want to smack the crap out of. Anderith. How that land fills me with a seething hatred. They treat their slaves/servants like crap because they once were at war. Women are less than nothing and everyone sleeps around. Except for the minister’s aid Dalton who is a smart snake. You want to like him but he is EEEEEEEEEVile, not Jagang like evil, more fascist pig evil. The Anderith have this kick ass weapon the Dominie Diritch. A line of carved bells that once rung will kill anything within eyesight, in fact it sloth’s the skin right off a person. Guess where Jagang wants to set up his headquarters?

Du Chaillu is back with her team of sword masters and so is Cara, who I love more and more. We meet some new folks as well, some we like and some…not so much. I had trouble with this book and wanting to put it down for long periods of time. I think I have a really hard time when I know or think I know that someone is about to do something stupid. Damn I hate that, brings back all sorts of jr. high and high school memories.

Next up is book 6 something I haven’t read