20 October, 2007

Snuggliest Snuggles

Spotty has been extremely snuggly lately. He is constantly draped over me. When I am sitting down he crawls up onto my lap and either puts his head on my shoulder to play with my hair or wiggles his bum to make my lap more comfy, then leans his head back on my neck and plays with my hair. Sometimes he climbs behind me and will put his legs around me, sometimes he just stands and lays his head on my back. If I am lying on the couch he crawls up and puts his head on my chest to watch TV. If I am sitting on a recliner he drapes over me so that his head is on the arm of the chair and the rest of him is on me. When we are falling asleep he moves my face so I am breathing on him. He curls his legs up so they are in my stomach or chest. I honestly don’t know if he needs all the touching or if I do. But I don’t care; this is a great period in my life. I can’t get enough of him.