10 October, 2007

Partay with a Tux

We had a 3 year olds birthday party to attend this weekend. Spotty Chop’s uber fabulous cousin the Terminator. My sis-in law (SIL) watches Spotty 3 days a week, which is great and Spotty and Terminator act like true brother and sister, they irk each other like they get paid for it.

The weather was lovely, the kids were running around like mad men, they painted, they stickered, they ate cake and ice cream. What more can be asked for? Saw family members, didn’t have to talk to family members. Life is good.

We finally got a Tux for boy toy to wear at the wedding this weekend. Can I just say Christ on a Cracker, you would have thought I asked him to suck molten lava through a straw by the way he has been dragging his feet. He’s known for over 2 months that he would be wearing a tux. I did not want to deal with, finding his suit, ties, shoes, sox, shirt, cleaning, ironing, blah blah blah….When I was pregnant boy toy promised that I would never be heavier than he was, which was so sweet. He however has not lost his baby weight yet and the expensive suits I have purchased no longer fit. He has a cheap, crappy suit, but this is a SHING DING, and not that I care what people think, but I do like my boy fitting in. The wedding is black tie optional, and most of these folks own their own. Also we went to a wedding over the summer and his neck is big, don’t know if anyone knows this, but if your neck is big the rest of the shirt gets…BIG. I think the sleeves went down to his knees. Unnecessary say I. On Sunday I said
get your ass in the car
No, get your Fin ass in the car
I need to do paperwork
I don’t give a RATS ASS what you need to do, pick up your son and get YOUR ASS IN THE CAR
I need to go to the bathroom…
If you do not have your ass in the car in the next 5 minutes so help me GOD you will be sorry
FINE be that way, come on Spotty, we have to go to the car, daddy has to try on a tuuuuxxxxsssssss.
For the love of Christ GET IN THE CAR

And now you all know why I do not need to have another child…Kill me

We also went visiting Sheep, Brain and the Bug. Boy toy worked with
Sheep back in the days when they worked for Genghis Khan. Sheep is also Genghis’ cousin. SIL watched Bug for awhile when she was first born she is about 6 months younger than Spotty. Spotty and she are in luv. Actually they were super cute together. They played together really well, sometimes playing in parallel, sometimes interacting, and sometimes ignoring each other. As the Terminator is very aggressive and bossy it was nice to see Spotty just hanging out. They made us dinner, we gossiped, kids played. A good time was had by all.