18 October, 2007

Woo Woo Wedding!

The wedding was this past weekend and we had a friggen BLAST. I dropped Spotty Chop off at the SIL after a somewhat leisurely morning, and then ran to Natick to have breakfast with the Bride, her daughter and her mom. I was psyched it was just the 4 of us. We all get along really well. We had some laughs trying to get one of the staff members to take our picture. Her visor kept hitting the flash preventing the photo shoot, but damn it was funny. We all got our nails done at a place down the street. Heather and her mom had been going there for years. I am used to going to a “SPA” to have this done, and this shop was in a little strip mall, but DAMN were they good. I was so happy with how my nails came out. I am so going there again. Luckily Grammie lives down the street.

I picked up boy toy’s tux and hit a shoe store next door. Bought 2 pairs of KICKING boots. I was able to pack and pull the girls goody bags together with the help of boy toy and then we were on our way. The Hotel Marlow is incredible. The d├ęcor is to die for. Nothing like leopard bathrobes to make a girl feel at home. The not rehearsal dinner was wonderful. The food was very good, boy toy had steak and I had chicken. There was the biggest dessert sampler on the face of the planet at each table. The company was good, we were sitting with a bunch of the maids and a few of the folks we would be sitting with the next day.

The next day started with my sleeping until 9:30am…it was heaven, and enough time to jump in the shower and get ready for hair and makeup. If you have never done a “wedding production” of hair and makeup I don’t think I can do it justice. I started at 10:30 and finished around 12:30 – 1:00. There were 6 of us for hair and 8 of us for makeup. I had my hair up with lots of curls. My makeup was smoky eyes and then even color. I asked that I not look like a whore. I think they did a good job, but damn I do not have the patience to do that all the time. Usually my hair is in a ponytail and I throw on some chapstick. Once we were all done up I grabbed boy toy so that we could run down to the rehearsal. He was not in the wedding, but the photographer was not showing up until after 4:00 and the Bride had so wanted a photo to capture her soon to be hubby’s face when he first saw her. Boy toy stepped in. The rehearsal went fine, the place was beautiful. We were ready for photos….and more photos and more photos. No matter where you were in the hotel you had great backdrops for photos and I think we took them all. Everyone’s favorite I think was the big red couch. Our flowers were spectacular. Roses and bittersweet, a smaller version of the Brides. We had a Champaign toast to the bride before the ceremony and then had to run like crazy to get to the wedding on time. God I loved how everything was in one place. The ceremony was lovely. A friend of theirs got licensed for the day. They wrote their own vows and as I was holding both mine and the Brides flowers I just bawled my eyes out and tried to wipe them away with bittersweet.

The reception was great. Tons of good food and dancing. Lots of folks were friends of Bob so we all reminisced. We ended up in the bar for awhile because who wants a good party to end and I think I finally kicked people out of our room around 2:30am. A good time was had by all…at least until I realized that I left my bouquet down in the banquet hall. Boy toy ran down broke in and rescued it for me.

The next morning was brunch. I woke up at 8:00am and couldn’t fall back asleep so I packed us up, took a shower, washed all the crap out of my hair and then hung out for a few hours with the crew, laughing about the nights antics. My mom called when we were on our way to pick up Spotty. He had just fallen asleep so we stopped off at the NE mobile book fair (BONUS). We snuggled with Spotty and took his ass home.