24 October, 2007

Book Review - Transformation

This was a really good read. Seyonne is a slave dealing with the horrible degradation that you would expect a slave to have to put up. Once Prince Aleksander purchases him his life takes a turn…almost for the worst. A jealous hanger on of the Prince’s has Seyonne branded as a runaway slave to get back at the Prince and things get progressively worse.
The Prince is a cruel master but not completely unreasonable. That is until the demons came. Luckily Seyone was not always a slave, he once was an Ezzarian Warder who’s job it was to hunt demons, and to recognize and protect key individuals that carry the feadnach, a seed of greatness, a soul that can change the world for the better.

A strange partnership forms when Aleksander is struck down by a demon inflicted curse that changes him into a beast and then on the eve of his becoming the heir, is accused of killing his uncle. Aleksander and Seyonne escape with the help of the slave master and Aleksander’s bride to be and go searching for the only thing that can save Aleksander. The last remaining Ezzarians.

The characters are robust. Their various cultures are interesting and plausible. Although at times I was yelling at someone to stop being stupid. There are enough twists to keep the story from becoming predictable.

Best of all? It’s at least a trilogy.