03 February, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 47 months old today

A very cool thing happened today. I carried you into my parent’s house this morning; you were still sort of asleep. I put you down on the couch, took off your coat and pulled a blanket up to your chin. As I was leaning over to give you a kiss you grabbed hold of my necklace. “this was mine” you said. “No, love, this is what auntie Froggie gave mama for Christmas”. “”no mama, this was mine when I was little”. I was running late for work and was just going to agree with you so I could get out of there when I realized. Moo made me a nursing necklace when you were born, because you were breaking my chains. It had lots of cool stuff on it for you to grab and touch and play with that had similar silver links (that were indestructible – it was tested by professionals before it came to me). How freaky deaky cool is that?

There has been plenty of cool stuff you have been saying and doing – here are some of my favorites

To my mom while you and she were watching Wall-e.
“If you would watch the picture you wouldn’t need to ask so many questions”.

Daddy - how do you get so smart?
Spotty - I am a good boy and I keep finding words in my mouth

Nannie – I am going to dream about something beautiful...something cozy and warm.
Spotty – I am going to dream about mama, she keeps me cozy and warm and is beautiful.

You stayed at Nannie & Papa’s overnight. At 3 am my mom wakes up and can’t find you. She starts to panic, wakes up my dad. They both panic, they turn on the lights, start looking around the house. You are at the foot of their king sized bed under all of the covers.

Morning at breakfast you say to Nannie “My daddy has a big penis”
Nannie: that’s great; when you get big you will have a big penis too”
Spotty: YOU MEAN THEY CHANGE THEM?!! I don’t want it, I like mine”
Nannie: Let’s count tangerine slices

Walking to Nannie’s car
Spotty: Jesus! You need Ice Melt!

The other night I decided I wanted to snuggle you to sleep so we had you fall asleep in our bed. You were on your tummy and you put one arm around my neck and one arm around your daddy’s, pulled us in tight and said “I love you both SOOOO much”.

I picked you up early the other day from school and you were all riding around in cars, bikes, trikes etc. Two of your friends came over and were pretending to crash into me, and stepping on my feet to capture me. You didn’t pay too much attention until one of the boys apparently got too close to me. You ran over and almost shoved the car the boy was riding over. The teacher looked at me and said “You have a fierce protector”.

You have started walking on one side of me with both arms wrapped around the leg closest to you. It might be hard to walk, but it’s totally worth it.

At Gramie and Grumpa’s you have started playing a new game with Grumpa. You run into the living room and give him the Spider man web shooter salute. Grumpa does it back to you. He actually will stop watching TV to do this to you (he doesn’t stop watching TV for anyone). You both seem to get a big kick out of it.

The other night you feel asleep in the car on the way home. It was too early for you to go to bed and stay asleep the whole night, so we brought you to the living room and lay you on the floor. An hour or two later something freaked you out and you started screaming and crying, but you aren’t awake. Daddy picked you up and lay you on top of me. You immediately calmed down and went back to sleep. It reminded me of how I used to lay on the couch when you were a newborn, I loved that feeling. Now instead of holding your bum I get to hold your shoulder blades.

Damn you are growing up so fast. But not faster than my love for you. I love you kiddo


Barb said...

Aawww! I love reading all these things that Spotty is saying and doing. What a fun age!

Carmi said...

Beyond beautiful.

me said...

you kids make me blush