07 February, 2009

Book Review: Bridge Of Souls

The Quickening Book Three

Things are coming to a head. Aremys ends up in the Razors and figures out what happened to Lothryn. He befriends Myrt who is now Cailech’s right hand. Yulena/Wyl went to see Valentyna, forgets himself kisses her. Freaks her out and then heads out to give her/himself up to Celimus. Meanwhile Aremys tells Celimus that he has Yulena. Crys leaves for the Razors to find Elspyth.

And stunningly enough, this whole arc of stories may actually be about Fynch and Knave.

Can’t wait for the ending (I am hoping what seems like an obvious ending to me is either avoided, or done in such a way that I am taken by surprise.)