21 February, 2009

Knitting projects 1-10

So, I don’t know if you remember me talking about knitting back in….November. But I have actually been busy these past few months, and I have the photos to prove it

My hat – too big

Spotty’s hat, done on a size smaller needle, but still too big

Boy Toy’s hat, done on even smaller needles, but still too big. I am having SERIOUS issues with my gauge. Never had a problem before, I think having Spotty changed me in more ways than I anticipated.

What was going to be my boss’s scarf, but once I started working on it realized that this was so not her, but was totally me.

The stole I started for my boss.

I had to stop the stole so I could start this hat for me. Again using even smaller needles, still too Fin big

Spotty’s hat – you guessed it even smaller needles, too big. Boy toy thinks it fits him fine, I think he is smoking the good stuff and not sharing. I unfortunately did not have time to do a hat for him for his family photo extravaganza.

Back to stole

Stop stole – drop stitch, can’t figure out how to fix it, have to ask for a friends help, but she is busy. What to do while I wait…

Spotty needed a neck thingy, but I was paranoid that he would strangle himself with a scarf. Note – This yarn was purchased 8 years ago. Never knew what to do with it. These are the colors of Spotty’s fall and winter coats (god bless Hanna Anderson).

Go back to stole

Stop stole

Baby blanket for co-worker in UK

Back to stole – STOLE STOLE STOLE!!!

Stop stole - drop stitch, can’t figure out how to fix it, have to ask for a friends help, but she is busy. What to do while I wait…see book reviews

Go back to stole

Stop stole – friend is adopting a baby. Will hopefully pick up baby This week. Her mom passes away on Sunday night. I go to house to wait for baby furniture, finish blanket. Forget to take photo.

Looks like this, but just in blue.

Go back to stole…


Heidi said...

You are talented... love Spotty's hat! And the scarf, too!

Meredith said...

Wow! I`d like to make some myself... maybe you could sell some via the web?

Amy said...

I love love love your hat - did you use a pattern for that?

me said...

Heidi - you are too kind, I wish I was better at it

Meredith - I am far too slow to make money off of this

Amy - I did use a pattern and I am happy to let you...see it.

Amy said...

Hmm...I sense a bit of hesitation.

Do you mean "see it" like wave it in front of my face and yell "you saw it!" while you hide it again?

Thats the image I'm getting, maybe its just how I picture you for some odd reason...