04 February, 2009


You like things don’t you? Pretty things? Funky things? Things that make you say “damn I wish I were talented and could make cool things”

Well – if you go to this etsy site I can’t promise that you will suddenly become talented. But you can buy things from Moo. She is talented and makes cool ass stuff.

What kind of stuff you ask? Christ on a cracker, first you are too lame to make your own shit, now I need to spoon feed you what the shit is? Give me a break! Click the link loosers.



Meredith said...

Interesting! ;)

Mojo said...

Now that's funny.

To answer your question, anybody who's been hanging around my place in the last... well probably since September could tell ya I do the birthday post thing as well as anybody. At least the ones I know about.

And that reminds me... I got a couple more of these to get done... 'cos nobody does cool ass birthday hungama like Mojo!

sealaura said...

pretty stuff. too bad I am on shopping restriction :(