20 January, 2009

What the 2009 Inauguration of our 44th President was missing

Spotty Chop is at my parents today as I work. My mom (Nannie) and Spotty were watching the Inauguration on TV when I called to see how things were going. I heard Spotty answer when Nannie asked

Who is our president?
What did he do?
Put his hand on a BOOK.

But he felt that the Inauguration over all wasn’t great.

A poet read a poem, but it didn’t have Duck or Truck…maybe it had Good Luck, that’s ok

So there you have it. No Duck’s or Trucks, maybe Good Luck

Good Luck to our newest president and his family, I hope the next 4 years are good ones


Meredith said...

I am excited for you! Hope my prime minister had the charisma of Mr. Obama ;)

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Spotty really knows how to put his finger on the pulse of important things. I love that child :)

me said...

thanks Mer! We are pretty pumped down here.

little sis - we love you right back (and your little dog...I mean kids as well!)