26 January, 2009

Good Fin God, or how I spent my weekend.

Boy toy’s birthday was Saturday. Spotty and I made a list of the things we needed to do:

1) pick out cake flavor
2) pick out cake design
3) get ice coffee, tea and a sprinkled donut
4) pick out balloons
5) decorate
6) go to store to get eggs and milk for cake
7) go to store to buy daddy present
8) wrap presents
9) wake up daddy

As you can see it was a busy day. Spotty decided that daddy needed a chocolate cake (his choices were yellow, white, chocolate and lemon). And a train cake (circle, square, car, castle, train). We went to dunkies and picked up the goods, then ran over to iparty so Spotty could pick out some balloons. Spotty picked out 3 blue swirly ones, 3 geometric shapes (that ended up being blow up with air and put on sticks) 2 balloons with numbers (1 and 4) a plain pink one, an enormous yellow smiley face and an enormous pink one. We tied the balloons to the door knobs to lead Boy toy to the kitchen where the last balloon was tied to the refrigerator to point him to his ice coffee. I had wanted to go shopping before we woke up daddy, but Spotty was too excited with our decorating. So we woke him up and Spotty proudly showed him all of the balloons. Spotty and I then ran to store, where there wasn’t a parking spot to be had. Now I am not one of those lurkers that sits in the middle of the parking lot looking for someone way up front to pull out. I see the first spot empty and I grab it, but with Spotty in tow I really prefer not having to park across the highway (ok perhaps I exaggerate a bit, but seriously this parking lot is like frogger). We then proceed to our neighborhood store to pick up Boy Toy’s big gift. Spotty picked out a blue ipod nano? I don’t know it’s a device that will let him listen to music. When we got home Boy toy and Spotty played some Sly Cooper 2 as I got stuff ready to make cake. Spotty was more than ready to help and we mixed up some chocolate cake. Spotty did some random sample testing to assure quality control. Once that was in the oven we wrapped presents. Spotty has never helped with presents and I had to take an extra happy pill to get through it, but get through it we did. He had picked out the reversible wrap that was blue with yellow dots on one side and green and yellow stripes on the other. Later that night we went to Boy toy’s parents where we ate pizza and did more presents. Gramie took a finger painting that Spotty did in school and framed it, (as hokey as that sounds it really looks nice.)

Sunday was spent bickering; I mean chatting and playing video games. Spotty as always wanted to play cars and we zoomed around the house looking for adventure. We were born, born to be mild. I ended up taking a nap for a few hours. I needed it desperately. The previous evening Boy toy and Spotty had been fooling around with Grumpa’s scooter he uses when he is outside. Spotty accidentally pushed the forward button (knob, whatever) and my foot got crushed between a desk and the scooter. Luckily I don’t think anything broke, but it hurts to have a shoe on, hell it hurts to have a sox on. Come 3 pm I just wanted to go to bed…and I did.
Which brings me to today, which I know is not technically the weekend, and is in fact the start of the week, but as I ran out to the car this am (all of 1 degree I believe) to warm it up for our normal morning thing I vaguely recall Boy toy telling me (at 3am when he came to bed) that I needed gas. What do you know, the gas light was on, so I hopped into the car and drove to the gas station. Yes, no coat, no hat, not a single luxury. I pumped my car full of gas and then tried to take a short cut home through the alley behind a shopping plaza. I get half way down and BAM 18 wheeler parked in such a way that I can not get through. So I turn around and go back to the entrance of the plaza where there is a light. As I am sitting there I say to myself “self, what the Frell are you thinking? Go through the parking lot, at the other end is a stop sign, no light!” So I floor it (because looking at the time, I am running late and still need to get Spotty chop dressed and into the car) as I am doing 30 backwards what do I notice sitting in the Uno parking lot? Yes a Statey. Luckily the bastard was sleeping or I was giving off enough vibes for him to ignore me. I got home, threw everything into the car, got Spotty dressed, buckled in and warm and even remembered my coat.

So how’s your day going?


Barb said...

I just have to laugh when I imagine you running out for gas. I'm just glad you weren't in your jammies!

I'm house bound again today though it has stopped snowing. I was going to tool around town giving the 4WD a workout, but hubby has seen the roads first hand and, though he has faith in my driving, said there are more idiots than snowflakes out there!

Thanks for stopping by! You always cheer me up.