03 January, 2009

Dear Spotty Chop you are 46 months old today

You are beginning to get “Christmas”, but you do NOT like Santa. We went to get your photo taken and you did not want to be there. This has never bothered you before and we were a bit flummoxed about it this time. You also seemed really freaked out by the fact that Santa was coming to our house. You didn’t want to talk to him. You were happy to know that Santa didn’t want to talk to you; he only wanted to come in when you were sleeping.
You had a good time picking out and chopping down a tree this year, and were super helpful hanging up the ornaments. We may have spoiled you though. I believe our tree was about 13 feet tall. Daddy did cut a few feet off of it, but I think you will now turn your nose up on a normal tree. You do not like the “yellow” lights (clear), only the color. My perfect tree will be interesting next year with….blech color lights.
You started a new tradition with B-52 this year. After we ate our X-mass eve brunch you and he made cookies for Santa. I don’t know which of you had more fun. B-52 was AMAZED with how many sprinkles you could fit on a cookie. I really enjoyed watching you so hard at work, and proud of the beautiful cookies you made.
You are a present opening champ! You wanted to see everything, and to help everyone open their presents as well. We will have to work on your “I want more” when you only get one or two gifts from folks. But you are 3 ½ ; I can totally understand why you want more. You were however incredibly awesome thanking people for their gifts.
We have been reminding you to look people in the face when you are talking to them. When we were playing at an indoor play space the other day I overheard you asking kids what their names were and introducing yourself. I am so proud of you. It’s a simple thing, but it’s really hard to do. I hate having to introduce myself to strangers, you at 3 ½ do it so much better.
You have started twisting my earrings when you are tired and sitting on my lap. It is very cute. You also hold onto my chin and pull my face when you want me to look at something.
We had our first play date with someone other than family. You guys played together well, but you also played in his basement all by yourself. You are still perfectly content playing with yourself and that makes me happy.
One of your favorite games to play now is hot wheel accelerators. You use the PS2 memory cards as accelerchargers and we race through the house through the different realms. You constantly amaze me.
Favorite toys:
T-REX rampage - sometimes you are the T-Rex and sometimes you are the car. Good times are had by all.
Hullabaloo – spinning, moving, crawling towards a color, shape or object. I really like this game
Leapster – video games for dorks

Let’s see what’s your favorite next month. You are a damn good kid and I love you.


Barb said...

It is so good to see you and it sounds like Christmas was a lot of fun. Spotty is growing up to be quite a little man. I love him introducing himself!

Happy New Year, my friend!

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