07 January, 2009

Thematic Photographic 31 - New

Carmi's newest theme is....NEW!
So here is a new sweater, and a new toy, a toy that Spotty Chop may be slightly exicted to play. What do you think?


Carmi said...

If he isn't excited, then I'm sure everyone who sees this pic WILL be! I love this scene...it speaks of potential and glee. May his life have many more moments just like this.

Mojo said...

He sure looks excited enough!

I wouldn't worry about the B's losing by a landslide. They've got the charm this year like the Canes had in '06. When you've got that kind of juju working it's tough to beat.

Of course, everybody in Northern California is saying the same about the Sharks too. But you want my opinion the team to watch in the West is Chicago. When did they suddenly get good??

Meredith said...

Hello this is S cubed (skylar) I moved... this was this only way to get away ;)

So from now on I`ll be known as Meredith

So I invite you to come to my "new" blog....

Hope to "see" you soon!

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