22 January, 2009

Book Review: Blood and Memory

The Quickening Book 2

So…Wyl is a woman, and clearly uncomfortable as such. Wyl seems to have a harder time with this transformation and not simply because he is a woman. The realization that he may never get to “die” is quite disturbing to him. What’s worse is that he is captured by Aremys and turned over to Jessom because King Celimus wants to meet the assassin that killed Romen. Jessom knew that Fail would never come willingly. When Wyl actually meets with Celimus it’s all he can do not to kill him. Especially after he hears about the job Celimus wants Fail and Aremys to undertake. They are to kill Yulena and then go see Valentyna. If Valentyna refuses to submit to the wedding Fail is to kill her.

Meanwhile Yulena and the priest make it to the Duke of Felrawthy’s place. Where they tell their gruesome tale and get instant sympathy. The duke begins planning his revenge. And the Mountain men are getting restless. Is it because of the Mountain King Cailech? Or the Evil madman behind the King? The barshi Rashlyn.

What follows is treachery, death, a manwitch and perhaps a wedding….