01 April, 2008


Auntie D and I went on a scrapbooking adventure!!! The Creative Memories national scrapbooking day; 12 hours of nothing but scrapbooking. Yes it is perhaps the DORKiest thing you can ever do, but by god did we have a friggen blast! We have been giddy like school girls talking about it for the past few weeks, “what are you going to bring, what are you going to do…” and trying to find all of our stuff because apparently life has gotten in our way and we have not scraped in forever.

I actually got Auntie D addicted to scrap (which rhymes with crack for a reason) several years ago when I was holding my first “party” and a newbie backed out, she graciously filled in and it turns out is as big a geek as I am. There is something so immensely satisfying in putting photos, words and thousands of dollars of stickers and paper together.

We were scrapbooking FIENDS, Auntie finished EMT’s baby book, and now that he’s 19 she only has….18 years worth to catch up on. I did a book for the Bride. It has all our pre-wedding adventures in it and ends on the big day. I hope she likes it. In fact I am hoping I can get her to cry so I can make fun of her for crying over a scrapbook.

Our consultants brought up that if we had a good time that day, in November they were doing a “weekend of scrapbooking down the cape”. Our boys aren’t control freaks, but they had a hard enough time with us doing this for one day, we have been trying to come up with how we can convince them to let us go and have them not be whiney byotches. We think we may have to be prepared for the “ultimate sacrifice”, and as my girlfriend A said "it's like cleaning a toilet, no one wants to do it, but it has to get done, no one looks forward to it, but after it's over you will feel better".