04 April, 2008

Book Review – Wolf Captured

Wolf Book 4
Derian, Firekeeper and Blind Seer have been drugged and are trapped on a boat in cages designed by someone who knew their strengths. And that’s the good news. Their old pal Waln Endbrook is back and seems to be holding a grudge. Firekeeper shows that she is in fact not able to ignore all discomforts; she seems to suffer from seasickness. That doesn’t prevent her from kicking some major ass. But unfortunately when you are stuck on a ship with another on the way there isn’t a lot that you can do.

Harjeedian, who I envision as Avery Brooks portraying Hawk in Spencer for Hire, is their captor. He is bringing them to his teachers who want something from them. Things really start to get interesting when they get to u-Seeheera “the first city”. There are animals everywhere and more importantly Royal Animals. Here they finally learn what it is that the leaders of this land want. Firekeeper is to teach them how to speak to the Royals.

Derian really shines in this story. He meets up with the keeper of the horse and moves in at the Stable to learn more about this new culture. While there he meets up with a Royal Horse and is offered a ride, which is of course unheard of. I almost got ready to slap him a few times as he and the minstrel start acting like 16 year olds over a woman. But if I slapped every be man for being a man…I would be very tired. Meanwhile Firekeeper and Blind Seer have gone to the islands where most of the Royal animals live. They learn many new things; some are almost too incredible to believe. Some are, I am not going to say disappointing, because we need to see how it is written. I think she may have the chops for it. I hope so, I hate getting invested in a great story and have them turn it into a soap opera.

Oh, don’t forget love…apparently it’s what makes the world go round.


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