12 April, 2008

Sly Lie, Lasers up the Woo Woo and SG1

On Monday I go to get an upper GI. I am hoping that Cheeze please has created a song for me by then. When I had to get a laser up the woowoo to combat kidney stones she created a song that she and Moo sang while I was undergoing the procedure. It is a comfort to know that people are making fun you when you are knocked out with the potential to never wake up.

Because of the impending procedure I had to steal my mom’s cosco card. You see, I have an addiction. Its name is SG1. I have a love/hate relationship with SG1. SG1 began its life on Showtime, we have never subscribed to the “extra” channels on cable, even when they are free we never find anything we want to watch on them. Then came the DARK TIMES. This is when the Sly Lie (Sci Fi) channel cancelled quite possibly the best television show that has ever been produced; Farscape. They cancelled Farscape because it cost too much to produce and then bought SG1. I decided to boycott the sly lie channel even though it was my favorite station out there. I boycotted the station for several years, until one fateful March when I came home with a new baby and quite frankly had no idea what to do and was suffering from post partum. So I sat on my couch for a couple of weeks, snuggling with my newborn son and not being able to do much of anything else, when I happened upon…a SG1 marathon. I fell in love.

Now 3 years later with a self inflicted mandate to not read any new books unless I have blogged about the ones I have already read (I have 5 or so to do). Since I have a almost 2 hour commute to and from work, I needed something to do. When my mom and I went shopping at Costco and I walked past the DVD section I knew it was a sign when I saw all 10 seasons there. So I bought the first 2 seasons. That was just a few weeks ago and I have watched them all. I sneak them at lunch, I watch them while Spotty is playing, I stay up late to watch, not that I have an addictive personality or anything.

That has left me in a bit of a dilemma, I will be home without child all day on Monday, so on Tuesday I stole my moms card and ran to grab season 3. Guess what? The only season they did not have was season 3. #$$#@@#$%%#@## . So I picked up season 4 and 5. Then I grabbed Buffy season 1.

I never got into Buffy, not because I didn’t want to but when it premiered, we were already watching 2 Star Treks, X-files, Friends, Millennium, Farscape, (and the other shows on the Sci Fi Friday lineup) ER and the Simpsons. Back then we were taping shows every night I think. We used to take days off work so we could stay home and catch up.

Back to the dilemma, I walked out of Costco with a heavy heart, I was happy I had Buffy, but I really wanted to wallow in SG1 and there was no way I could watch season 4 before watching season 3, that’s just crazy talk. As I was driving back to my parents house I passed….BEST BUY. I ran in, they had 1 season 3 left. I grabbed it and then noticed the price $40! At Costco it’s $20. I stood there deliberating should I or should I wait. Then I slapped myself, who was I kidding? I wanted it; if I waited I would get cranky. Was there any need for that?

So on Monday when you are all working, sing me a song of the esophagus and go over to the sly lie channel, frelling SG1 should be on at some point.