03 April, 2008

Dear Spotty Chop you are 37 months old today

Because we are in the car so long everyday I have bought several books on CD and you really seem to like them. Your favorites right now are the Pixar Cars/Toy Story/Toy Story 2, no surprise there, but what I do find fascinating is that you have no interest in the movies themselves. You want us to “be” different characters while we drive and you add extra commentary to what is being said on the CD. I really like the idea of the CD’s because I think (hope) that it is more engaging than watching a DVD. Watching is so passive, I am hoping your synapses are firing and your imagination is running wild.

You have been hitting us a lot, especially me, whenever you are frustrated; we have started taking away videogames and movies. This is working out great, I can see you trying not to hit, especially when I remind you. I am also making a conscious effort to lessen the amount of time the TV is on. The other night I said we are turning off the TV. When you started to get upset about it I told you that I wanted to sit and talk with you. “Ok mommy” was the answer. You never cease to amaze me.

Nannie’s ankle is getting better and you have been going back to their house on Tuesday’s. You give Nannie’s foot a kiss whenever you see her to make her feel better. Papa left work early the other day so he could come home and play with you. The 3 of you apparently took naps together. You all seemed very happy. You are the light of their life and I am so glad that you are able to spend time together.

You have started “reading to us”, and your memory is so phenomenal that it really seems like you are reading. Sheep in a Jeep and Corduroy are the ones you are reading currently. You even seem to use the same inflections that I do. The first time you did this your daddy and I were so blown away that all we could do is sit and stare at you in amazement. Now we just giggle.
I can’t wait for the nicer weather to start. I need to get you outside and running around. You recently discovered the joy of rolling down a hill, and I want to make sure you get as much of that as you want. Maybe you will want to learn how to pedal a bike? We will see. I have moments of concern when I realize that your cousins (and school friends) all seem to be playing on sports teams and wondering if I should be signing you up for something, but as you are happy, healthy and smart. I think I won’t worry about it. So what if you don’t play baseball at an early age, you can own the team.